This software looks great; I’m looking forward to purchasing a copy. It also just so happens that it’s time to get a new computer. Not sure if I will go the MAC route or the PC in terms of hardware. So the question becomes, how long after the Windows version of Scrivener becomes available will it take to catch up to the current MAC version in terms of features? With release, will the current 1.0 of the Windows version equate to the 2.0 or now 2.1 MAC version of the software?


Windows 1.0 will have the features of Mac 1.54 and while Lee’s managed to sneak in some Mac 2.0 features it is nowhere near all of them. After 1.0 has been released is when more features from 2.0 are to be brought into the Windows version.

Ok, sweet. Thank you for the info. :smiley:

I’ve been super excited since finding out that Scrivener will be available for PC, and I’ve been trying out some of the features in the beta with great results. It’s good to hear that it will be updated often as well.

However, I’m trying to find out anywhere on the site whether paying for the initial 1.0 release license will allow you to update through 2.0 or if you will need to upgrade. If anyone knows the answer to this I would greatly appreciate being able to find out. Thanks!

I believe all updates that have 1.x on them are free but when Windows gets to a 2.0 stage you’ll need to pay an upgrade fee. If it goes along with the Mac scale, it’s only about half of what you’d pay if you bought only 2.0.

Yes, as Spitfire said, a license for 1.0 will cover all 1.x updates; by the time we get to a major upgrade–2.0–then there will be a cost to upgrade to the new license (which will in turn cover all 2.x updates) but it will be discounted for those with a 1.x license. That’s pretty standard practice, so I hope it doesn’t sound too unreasonable! A long time and a lot of work goes into a major new release–as an example, the Mac 2.0 version is a huge overhaul of just about every part of the program making improvements, adding features, streamlining processes and so on. Keith spent 2+ years developing it and Lee will be putting equal work into the Windows version as it develops. 1.x updates, meanwhile, will fix bugs and continue to add features and improvements.

I thought that would be the case, I am more than willing to support the development of this awesome program (been REALLY excited so far…it’s like OneNote on crack!). I’m looking forward to being able to purchase it soon, and the fact that it can be on my laptop as well without multiple licenses is an added bonus. Thank you all for your hard work!