Decrease indent (aka increase hierarchal level) of a bulleted or numbered list

I’m new to scrivener and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to manage bulleted lists - not a hanging indent or formatting the indent spacing, but just moving back a level in a list (TAB to move right/down a level), but delete just deletes the bullet all together instead of moving back (left) a level.
Format --> text --> increase/decrease indents just changes the spacing as far as I can tell.
Basically I’m trying to figure out the equivalent of the “Decrease indent” in MS Word:

Press return for the same level.

Press return > tab (etc) to go forward a level.

Press return > return (etc) to go down a level.

You can also use Shift-Tab to promote a list item in place, and as a counter to Tab to demote. These have the advantage of being usable even when the line item already has content typed in.