Dedicated pirate buys Scrivener license

– Because your program is worth it!

I can’t write with any other program now. Thank you for the greatest writers’ word processor for any OS!



I always first use a pirated copy, if the software works the way I expect it to, and works well, I register it, BBEdit, Yojimbo, Transmit, and a host of others. The good thing I have found, is that there is a wealth of good software out there, and I really like to support the programmers who do the work.

I just reuse to buy a pig in the poke. Sort of like music, I download thousands of tracks of music, find the stuff I like and then buy it. One thing I do do though, is that I do not keep anything I don’t eventually pay for. If it isn’t good enough to pay for, it is not good enough to keep.

I was thinking more like Scrivenarrrggghhh… :smiley:

I knew from just one week using it unregistered that it was worth my money :slight_smile:

Pretty much the same for me. I was searching for writing software within MacUpdate and, pretty much, every piece of software was accompanied by a message, from Lord Lightning. In each case, Lord Lightning was proclaiming the superiority of Scrivener, so I headed over here, and by god was he right. I should thank him actually.

So if you’re listening, Lord Lightning, thanks. :smiley:

Same here.
From my point of view, Scrivener was a significant evolution from Copywrite (which was top of class software when I very happily started using it in Dec 2004). Copywrite has a powerful feature set, no question about and Scrivener appears to owe a debt to it – which Keith acknowledges openly. (I like him for doing that.)

I knew as soon as I used Scrivener – within minutes – that it addressed some of my ‘issues’ with Copywrite – the most instantly attractive feature was the much more flexible binder organisation – allowing me to drag and drop to re-order, arrange folders and subfolders – I was like a pig in clover! (In Copywrite I ended up numbering the documents in the ‘browser’ so I could change their order… not nearly as good, but better than anything I’d used until then… I’ll always have a soft spot for Copywrite. We’ve sweated together).

Edit Scrivenings was an idea I didn’t know I couldn’t live without until I used it, and the multimedia/file format capabilities are coooool. (A little like Devonthink, which I also use a lot – a great ‘data’ repository but a bit clunky for writing).
For me, Scriv’s corkboard (or is cockboard these days?) is a serious goody for re-ordering/tweaking, the outliner not so much my style (as someone on this forum pointed out, once you start to see the binder itself as an outliner it’s all you need). I brainstorm with mindmaps in Novamind and import the rtf export into Scriv.

I’ve never used script mode or multi-markdown, yet I enjoy reading those discussions on this forum. Project notes/Doc notes are good things I grew dependent on in Copywrite.
After the properly implemented hierarchical and super-flexible binder, for me the killer features of Scriv are the combination of ‘Split with selection as title’ combined with ‘Edit Scrivenings’. These two met my needs in a way nothing else has. Wow.
Full screen view has been implemented with real class, and this new feature of synopsis-visible-in-inspector-in-full-screen, well, what can I say? How did you know, Keith? How did you know?

And as for this forum – double wow. It can be the devil’s candy when I’m supposed to be on project but, seriously, genuinely, what a great bunch of people drift through here on a regular basis. The good-humour and supportive ‘ecology’ is just a delight.

My next book (I commissioned, compiled and edited it, co-writing sections with some contributors) is at the printers now. I have that light-hearted giddiness that follows the heavy-chested late nights… and the self-doubt and despair (too strong a word) one feels as you find an error that’s slipped past three sets of copyeditors and proofers’ eyes - two examples: downtown for downturn (eek), and (do you believe this?) ‘piece of mind’ instead of ‘peace of mind’.

Although I started this book in Copywrite, I transferred it (‘imported’ I guess) into Scriv when I got it in March 2007 and instantly felt the power and acceleration this fine software delivers. Others have spoken about being re-energised as writers by the Scrivener software. I know just what they mean.

Er, it rocks! Thanks Keith!

Peter A
Powerbook G4 1.5 Ghz, Scriv 1.11b3, Apple 23" Cinema Display

(PS I LOVE the binder icon. Makes me smile. And the typewriter one, too, which I just put there for decoration since I leave typewriter scrolling on 24/7)

Me, too, on both counts! Mind you, I once downloaded a freeware app for no obvious reason other than that I wanted a cute little pink piggy icon in my dock :slight_smile:

I lasted less than two days before caving in and parting with my cash. I nearly bought Scrivener within an hour and a half of my initial download, but thought I’d better wait for a token interval in case it was the Pinot Grigio leading me astray. :slight_smile:

you`re way beyond help :frowning: jeeezzz!!

Thank you all - especially Peter for such a great testimonial. I’m starting the day (at 11.30am, I admit - hey, I get a lie-in on Saturdays :slight_smile: ) with a smile on my face.
Thank you.

Its the dicounts, Capn sir! They`s all want dicounts!! :open_mouth:


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