Dedicated pirate buys Scrivener license

depends how far the spatter goes.

Okay Barbara, good thinking. I’ll get a brolly just incase. 8)

hang on… dyou think we need to set one or two ground rules before you start...yknow what i`m saying here… pleasure rather than pain!..that sort of thing…seems the way to go…yeah? :confused: woteva!

Just make …it… last, eh :smiling_imp:

Jeeezz,n, fecin stooth!!! Ive just noticed the, metamorphosis extraordinaire`. Sexed to death by Babrara Cartland.

Before I go, I think it only right and fitting, that, by way of a monument to a Great Englishman, Pink Gets her own Forum called : Pouting Pink`s Parlour.

right I`m ready :smiling_imp:

Just my luck! I fly up to Edinburgh for two short days, and while I’m away you lot do a re-run of Sex In The City.

Damn but you’re looking good pink.

Vic? Are you still alive Vic?

Hmmm… the re-run was obviously le Directeur’s Cut!

Monsieur Juddbert, or M. le Bete.

Vic has indeed moved on,…I…on the otherhand…remain :smiling_imp:
Vic was a simple soul, M. le Bete, with nothing between his ears of any consequence, excepte moi naturellement. He was weak and indecisive, pas comme moi. Possessed, as Ive said before, elsewhere in these forums, of no sense of adventure; no zest for real living. Living on the edge, is how you say …no?

He never really understood the true meaning of double le spacing/reading between the lines. Rien n`est noir ou blanc, M le Bete, only shades of grey…gris juste

With Vic gone, I am now free to wander unseen (but perhaps…unnervingly…sensed)… amongst the classes of chattering et scribbling.

Monsieur Juddbert La ou est Mme Pink? My freind with the pet panther, the kinky electro-convulsive therapist, would like to meet her :smiling_imp:

Adieu M. le Bete…for now… :wink:

Le Directeur :smiling_imp: