Dedicated Screenwriting app


I love Scrivener and have been a beta user and now an owner of what is my main writing and research app for a book.

I’m so happy with it that I’ve also begun using it for collecting all my research work for a screenplay which I am writing using Screenplay Systems Screenwriter.

I’m aware that one can write a screenplay in Scrivener but there are a few things missing.

Now here’s what I have been wondering; is it possible for you to write a dedicated screenwriting app? A spin off of Scrivener, perhaps?

I’d buy it in a heartbeat as I’m sure would heaps of others who are either put off by the existing apps- too much of bloat, too buggy, too expensive or simply just plain ugly!

Any thoughts on this one?

Hi dev,

Thanks for your compliments, much appreciated. I’m afraid, however, that I have no plans to create a dedicated screenwriting program. Mainly because I’m no screenwriter myself. I remain dedicated to Scrivener, which is my own writing tool… As you say, Scrivener has basic screenwriting abilities that are good for writing a draft. Rather, in the future I hope to make it easier to go back and forth between Scrivener and dedicated screenwriting programs.

All the best,