Dedication and Acknowledgements not top aligning

I’m compiling to PDF, and as you can see in the attached screenshot, for some strange reason these 2 pages don’t top align. I’ve recreated the Acknowledgements page by duping the Dedication page. I’ve determined that if the Acknowledgements page is not longer 1 page in length, the Titles align. For some reason, as soon as Acknowledgements exceeds 1 page, the title moves down. I’ve gone through the layouts, sections editor with a fine tooth comb, and none of the settings seems to apply here. Thoughts?

Would it be possible either to send us the project or to attach a sample project (zipped) up to this thread showing the issue?

Thanks and all the best,

Super Human (785 KB)

Downloading the project and compiling to “US Trade (6x9”)” straight out of the box, the alignment looks fine, for me. What compile format are you actually using, as clearly – from our grabs – I am seeing a different font in the compiled PDF?

Slàinte mhòr.

So strange. I shortened the Acknowledgements and now it is lining up. It’s a mystery but at least it is working now. Thanks!

Thanks for the sample project. I’ve found the bug. It’s caused by turning on widow or orphan control - the widow and orphan control is wrongly aligning the text area to the bottom of the page when a line is removed from the bottom to avoid widows or orphans. Ironically I missed this because I tested widow and orphan control with very complicated documents containing footnotes; the bug doesn’t occur when there are footnotes. This will be fixed for 3.1.2.