Deeply anoying language bug

Hi There,

I am danish, so I want to write in Danish in Scrivener - so far so good. Since OS X Leopard has a Danish spelling check all should be fine. I can select Danish as language, and the spell checker is happily doing what it should be doing.

But I am not happy :imp:

Somebody has put in an automatic conversion of " i " to " I" !!!

In Danish " i " means in and is only capitalized after a period. Since no other programs on my mac is showing this deeply annoying “feature” I assume it is a bug in Scrivener. I have found no way to turn the “feature” off. Even Word can cope with this, so I would be so happy if we Danes could get our " i " back. How would you English speaking feel if all your “in”-s where converted to “IN”-sÆ??

I’ll order Scrivener the second I have a solution for this.


J :frowning: SS

Open Preferences (via Scrivener menu).

Select the “Text Editing” tab.

About halfway down. you will find a “Capitalise i” checkbox.

If you turn that off, all will be fixed, and you can order away :wink:


It is with great pleasure that I can announce that I am now a proud owner of a scrivener Licence.
Fantastic support!

J :smiley: SS

Actually Matt is another (very helpful) user, so many thanks to him for answering before I got here. :slight_smile: As he pointed out, this is a preference. To be honest it did used to be a bug, but others pointed out to me that “i” needed to be capitalised separately from sentences for precisely this reason.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted out, and many thanks for buying!
All the best,

What’s that Keith? Did I hear you say commission?