Default annotation colour

Is there room in the preferences for a default annotation colour?

There is, given that I’ve based the new colour preferences on the way Nisus Writer does it (making it easy to add in new colour preferences). However, I’m concerned it might be a little confusing… At the moment, it starts as red, but as soon as you change it, then the new colour is used by default in that project, so a Preferences setting would only affect the colour for new projects. I can foresee now users saying, “I changed the annotation colour in the Preferences but it had no effect!” Which isn’t a “no” - I’m just wondering what you think of that scenario.

I see the problem.

I think that would be acceptable though. The default for the existing project could still be changed in the same way as it is now. You would need a warning of some sort though, or as you say, folk will think there is some kind of bug.