Default backup location on Mac?

I am new to Scrivener and save my project in Download folders. However, My Cleaner app deleted the Download folder in default like usual to free up the storage.

It is not in trash, too.

You were asked to specify the location of the backup folder the first time you started Scrivener. You can see what you decided in Preferences under the Backup tab.

Thanks for the tips. It is in Desktop but can’t find the backup file

You can use Finder to search your entire disk for .scriv files or for files. The first group are live projects, the second are backups.

Suggest you disable Cleaner until you figure out how to keep it from deleting important files.


If you cannot find a backup , you are advised to restore the folder deleted by cleaner app as soon as possible,like this post, otherwise, once overwritten by other files, you won’t have any chance to recover them.

The backup location can be found in the menu Scrivener->Preferences, at the Backup tab of the popup window that appears. There’s a button to open your Finder at that location. I can’t ever recall being asked where I wanted the backups folder to be, so I’m a bit confused by previous advice–unless you’re talking about backups produced by the File->Backup->Back Up To… menu, or “backups” created using File->Save As…

Not even during instal?

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I have been using the MAS version of Scrivener until the latest update caused the app to crash on start. Following the advice from KB I doenloaded the L&L-site version. When starting that version of the app the first time it asked where I wanted to save the backups.

…ah, Joro was quicker…

I cannot ever remember being presented with that window. But then my memory for one-and-done things like this is pretty poor. The last I recall anything about the backup folder being set on install, it was automatically tucked into the ~/Library folder somewhere (again, I don’t remember being prompted if that was where I wanted it), and you had to go into Scrivener’s preferences to find and change it. I moved that myself to someplace more visible to me, and have been using that as my backups location for many years now.

Thanks for educating me. Now I’m no longer confused… just a little concerned over my decline* in mental acuity. :blush:

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