Default Border

This may have been answered somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it using the search option.

How do I set a default border style so that new notes will use it, either globally or on a specific board?

I can’t seem to find that option anywhere, and it makes the program frustrating to use (and impossible to use according to the described purpose in the manual). I am CONSTANTLY fiddling with settings on each note instead of creating new notes.


Chapter 6: Formatting and Appearance, plainly states as it’s very first paragraph: “Scapple is designed to focus on getting ideas down quickly, so it deliberately avoids pro-viding [sic] too many distracting bells and whistles that could turn a planning and thinking session into a making-it-look-pretty session.”

Problem is that the planning and thinking are entirely derailed by not allowing the user to set a default border (or at least not making the feature easy to find). I am forced to turn it into a “making-it-look-pretty” session in order for the results to be readable and not get mixed up.

If this feature exists, and I am missing it, then great. Where can I find it? :slight_smile:

If the feature doesn’t exist, who do I make feature suggestions/complaints to? ^^ This makes an otherwise awesome app very hard to use.