Default Document Settings Overriding Styles

I have been enjoying making good use of Scrivener. There is much that I have enjoyed, and much that I have not yet explored however, there is something that continues to happen that is starting to really get on my nerves. I am not sure where to look to fix the issue - assuming it is fixable and is only behaving in such a way because it is somehow set up this way in the preferences.

What is happening is, I am using styles a lot now. For any selected text, the style section will work. However, even when I highlight a whole area of returns and set the returns to the style I want to keep, the darned thing keeps defaulting back to Palatino 13.

Put another way, when I change a line or a paragraph to the style I like, in my case, Helvetica Neu 12 with no line spacing and .1 indent (leading and hanging), when I hit a return for a new line or paragraph, the darned thing has now defaulted to Palatino 13 with a different indentation and a different line spacing.

Yes, I can continue to select each new line and reselect the style for that line. What I keep thinking is going to happen is that, once I set a section to a style, hitting return and continuing to type, should also continue in that style. But it doesn’t. That is my point here. Style settings on a text area you are working in gets kicked out the moment you hit a return.

This is really getting annoying. How can I change the default document setting to be what I like it to be and not - definitely not, Palatino 13 with first line indented and wide line spacing? There are many, many, (many) options in Scrivener’s preferences. It is a little confusing to understand what is causing this, and what I can do about it.

A suggestion as to how to correct this would be very much appreciated. Please, and thank you.

I think this article is going to explain in greater detail how Scrivener 3’s styles work than we can get into in this forum: … th-style-s

This quote from the article may be of special interest to you:

To set the default formatting, go to the Project -> Project Settings -> Formatting pane. Or, to set the same default Scrivener-wide, Scrivener -> Preferences -> Editing -> Formatting.

As Rdale said, what you are seeing is the expected behavior. Styles are not intended to apply “default” formatting, but rather to call out the formatting that differs from the default. Unlike most applications, Scrivener’s Compile command can completely reformat your output document, and applying styles everywhere would unnecessarily complicate that process.