Default editor settings on a per-project basis

Hello, Windows Scrivener user here ( beta).

I find that I prefer different composition environments for different things. Maybe I’m weird, but it helps me get in the right frame of mind for a given task. So when I’m using Scrivener for writing short stories or novels, I like to compose in “standard manuscript” style, courier 12 pt with double spacing. But there are other projects (content writing, blog posts, dream journaling) where I prefer a more web/blog style composition environment: arial 10, single space, extra whitespace between paragraphs.

My wish: It would be super useful if I could define my default editor settings (Options -> Editor -> Default Main Text Attributes) on a per-project basis!

Unfortunately, as things stand, it seems that changing those preferences affects Scrivener-the-application, so I need to remember to change my settings when I go from one type of project to another.

The ability to save and load editor preferences to/from .prefs files makes this a lot less tedious! But still, there’s any number of times I open up a project, create a new text file in it, and only when I go to type do I realize I forgot to load up my editor prefs.

My apologies if there really is a way to do this already and I’ve missed it…

On a related note (still to do with editor settings, if not solely with the Default Main Text Attributes section), is there really no way to type in a specific tab stop position (like you can the indents for left, right, and first line)? Can tab stops only be adjusted by mouse? The amount of times I’ve tried to get a precise 0.5" tab while my mouse goes from 0.49 to 0.51 no matter how minutely I try to move it–it can be frustrating!

Yes, this is in fact a planned feature. :slight_smile: There will be a separate Formatting setup panel in the Project menu. When enabled, it will override the application defaults for that project.

That’s another tool we have plans for. You’ll be able to set up incremental tab stops (like every 1cm or whatever), or manually one-by-one, as well as precise indent control.

But, do note that you needn’t use the ruler the way you are. There is a control in the Editor settings tab on the right-hand side, “Ruler snap every”. Set that to the lowest value you’d ever want to set anything to.

Oh, thank you! That is pure gold.

Looking forward to the other stuff in future releases. Thanks!

I’d never known about the ruler snap feature before either, always having to waste time going back and forth between .49" and .51". Knowing I have this option is very nice, and it might allow me to hold on to my mice for longer as I’m not smashing them against the desk in frustration.

Also, until now I’ve paid much attention to the markings on the ruler, but the inches are divided into sixths. Is there any reason whatsoever for this? Who in their right mind measures things in sixths of inches? Eighths, people, it’s always been eighths!!

Of course, I never use anything smaller than halfs, so it doesn’t really matter to me beyond the aesthetic value.

Wow, you’re right - how did I never notice that? What a strange design feature. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ruler with 1/6th inch markings on it before, neither physical nor digital. I wonder why it’s that way in Scrivener?

Perhaps it has to do with some of Keith’s hobbies? :slight_smile:

It’s actually a quirk of the Windows version that all the units are using 1/6 segments. It’s on the bug list. :wink:

It would make sense to a typesetter. 6 picas to the inch. :slight_smile: