Default font doesn't stay for new document - Driving me absolutely nuts

Hi There…

Used 2,X a long time and love it. 3.X seems riddled with problems, at least for me. I just want to write, not wrestle with the app.

The thing that is driving me crazy is whenever I create a new document, it defaults to Courier 12pt or Open Sans 16px. I have set the default in preference and in the project multiple times, and I have restarted the app, etc.

Having to set the style manually every time I create something new is very annoying.

It will behave sometimes, but when I create a new folder, then the documents revert back to default. I have set everything in the preferences.

Mac High Sierra 10.13.6

I haven’t had anything resembling this problem and I’ve been using Scriv 2 since 2013 and Scriv 3 since it was released.

However, you might possibly have set Documents > Default Template for Subdocuments for a high-level container. (This is not a new feature with Scriv 3; it was there in Scriv 2 as well.) Try selecting each container above the level in your project that’s giving you problems, and seeing whether any template in the list is selected.

If that doesn’t help, I suggest opening a tech support ticket.