Default font for document notes

v 1.7.1

I changed the font for document notes from the default courier to arial, but my document note did note change fonts. Even if I retypre the document note, it still shows in courier, even though the Options|Appearance|Document Notes is clearly set for Arial.

What am I doing wrong.

That just changes the font for documents/document notes created since you altered the setting ; it won’t retroactively change the font in all current document notes.

To change the font for a given document note, select all text in the note, then go to your formatting toolbar and change the font there. If that’s not currently showing, go to Format->Format Bar in the menu.

Robert -

Thanks for the response, but as I said, the new font doesn’t show even if I retype the note.

It’s still remembered until you close and reopen the project, so you can either delete the existing notes, close and reopen and then retype, or you can just select the current notes and change the font via the format bar or Font dialog. I’ve created a formatting preset with the font and font size I like for document notes so that I can easily apply it whenever I happen to have copied and pasted other formatting into the notes body that I want to clean up.

Ah, thanks Jennifer. I was closing the program, but since I have auto-load on, the project wasn’t actually getting closed as far as the program was concerned, I guess.