default font for documents

I need help.

When I start a new project (using the blank template), when I start writing on a document, the default font is “English Cochin Regular 14”

But the font I want is “English Optima Regular 16”. When I change it for the document, it works but when I create a new document using “Add - New Text”, the font for the new document is “English Cochin Regular 14” again.

This drives me absolutely bonkers as I have to change the font every time I create a new document.

I search the “Scrivener - preferences” but I could not find where “English Cochin Regular 14” is defined.

Can anyone help me?

Scrivener Version 2.5 (25239)

Steven Siew

Scrivener > Preferences > Formatting: Main Text Style: you need to get the style of the text in the panel below to match what you want as a default for all new documents - the font button (marked by an ‘A’) at the extreme left hand end of the panel toolbar will bring up a fonts pane where you can select the typeface. But… note that that will be the default for text in the Editor in all new projects and documents: you can set the style (and therefore typeface) of text in documents in individual projects to over-ride this under Project > Text Preferences. (As I say, these menu items control the formatting of new documents; for existing documents in a project use Documents > Convert > Convert Formatting to Default Text Style. All this is better explained by the Scrivener Manual - under Help - in the appendices. )