Default font for new chapters


I’m a new Scrivener user, and I’m wondering how to automatically make the fonts in new chapters, Courier 12 pt. At the mo they’re defaulting to Optima 13pt (although the title page was Courier 12, so it seems a little strange).

Is there a menu option to let me set a new default? It’s not much of a pain to set it again for each chapter, I suppose, but it would be nice to have all new chapters automatically be in the font I want.

I’m using the standard novel template.

Thanks! Great program, by the way.

Hi, and welcome to Scrivener!

You can set the default font two ways.

To set it globally (for all projects), go to Scrivener>Preferences:Formatting and just set up the sample text there to how you’d like it to look.

To set it for the individual project, go to Project>Text Preferences… and check the box to “override text formatting” then set the sample text there to how you’d like it to appear.

In either case, this will affect new documents but not your previously created ones. To convert the pre-existing documents, select them in the binder and then choose Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style.

Just FYI, the text in the Title Page for that template is different because that specific document is set to “compile as-is” meaning that when you compile, though you may adjust formatting in other documents, that one will be untouched, keeping the spacing and so forth. It also then keeps its font, and since the standard manuscript format compiles to Courier 12pt, it’s set to match. You can change all that if you wish, though.

Thanks, MM! That’s really helpful.