Default Font for new Projects

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Do I have to change the formatting every time I create a new project?
I cannot find the settings that would allow this - it only seems to allow for individual documents.

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  1. Change the font and formatting in a document so that it is how you want it.

  2. Make sure the insertion point (text cursor) is in the text that uses the formatting you want set as the default.

  3. Tap on the paintbrush icon to bring up the formatting palette.

  4. Tap on “Formatting Options”.

  5. Tap on “Set as Default Formatting”.

Hope that helps.

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thanks, Keith. Just looking at the iOS sync video you posted to Twitter. A video is better than a thousand words. :smiley:

Another huge thanks from me for this one - I struggled to find this info in the Tutorial. Searching “font” did lead me to a useful section on importing presets though, which I’ve managed to do.

One quirk - if you set up your presets in Scrivener for Mac and copy the .plist over and sync before you’ve copied the fonts over, Scrivener for iOS will substitute for the missing fonts, and it will keep doing so even after you copy the fonts, i.e. it doesn’t recognize that the missing fonts have arrived. You need to change a preset and resync or otherwise trigger a sync of presets.plist (I opened it in a text editor and added then deleted some whitespace - you could probably use touch in Terminal too, anything that bumps up the modification date). Then when presets.plist reloads, it will load the correct (formerly missing) fonts.

derick - presets aren’t affect by not having the fonts, so I think the problem you saw there has nothing to do with presets. However, you would lose fonts if you did this:

  1. Import a set of presets containing e.g. Garamond.

  2. Apply to text.

  3. Realise the font is wrong in the text because you haven’t installed Garamond on the computer.

  4. Import Garamond.

At this point, the text changed in (2) would still use the wrong font, but any text you applied the preset to from then on would take on the correct font. The reason for this is that Scrivener is rich text, so when you make a change to the text, the font is saved as part of the text. However, it can only use fonts installed on the system. So, in step (2), Apple’s text system will have substituted a default font for Garamond, and you will have applied the default font to the text, because the system knew nothing about Garamond at the time and so could not apply it to the text.

Hope that makes sense!

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Copy that, Keith. Absolutely my experience during beta testing. I had to re-open the project on my Mac, do a “Convert to Default Text Format” to return everything to AGP, then close and re-open on iOS. No problems since.