Default font for typing

Is it possible to change the default typing font in Scrivener for iOS? I found the possibility to reset that default typing font, but not how to change it in the first place.

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Change the formatting in a document so that the formatting is what you want for the default. Make sure the cursor is in the text with the formatting you want as the default. Then bring up the formatting palette (paintbrush icon), tap “Formatting Options”, then tap “Set as Default Formatting”.

Got it !!

Thank you!

Great App!!! It is finally here - still can’t believe it.

About default fonts - can this be set on a project by project basis. The default font of one project will differ vastly from the default of another project. In my tests the default font is App-Wide not Document wide.

This is indeed app-wide at the moment. This will be easier if you use the desktop version as well when styles come in with 3.0. :slight_smile: