default font problem

I have been trying to change the default font in the editor, but it continues to switch back to Helvetica when I create a new text document. I have followed the proper steps to make the change. Suggestions? Thanks.

These tips help at all?

When you set any formatting options inside an editor, they’re valid for that document only – not for any new documents in the same project.

Instead, the settings for new documents are held in preferences and you can set them in two places:

a) General Preferences > Formatting. This will set the default for new documents in all projects from that moment onwards unless to take step (b). (You can convert older documents to the new format, but you have to explicitly do this, it’s not automatic.)

b) You can over-ride the General Preference formatting by setting preferences for this project only. You do this through the menu option Project > Text Preferences… if the option ‘Use difference default formatting for new documents created in the this project’ is ticked, then it’s the settings in this dialogue which will determine what formatting new documents get (in this project only, of course).

So the first thing for you do is to check the Project > Text Preferences dialogue to see if Helvetica is being set there.