Default font refuses to work

Hey there. Trying out Scrivener, I notice that it uses Optima as the default font for the “Draft” texts.

I wanted to use Georgia, so I went to the preferences and changed the “default notes font” to Georgia.

But it persists in using Optima! The ‘apply’ button also does nothing.

You need to change the “Default Main Text Attributes” on the “Text Editing” pane of the preferences. “Default Notes Font” is just that … the font for notes, not for draft text.



Have you taken a look in the FAQ? The preferences apply to new documents, not existing documents - if you want to change the font of existing documents to what is assigned in the Preferences, select the documents you wish to change and go to Documents > Convert > Formatting > to Default Style. Remember that Scrivener is rich text so each document may have multiple fonts - if changing the preferred font in the preferences immediately changed everything without the user instigating it, it could destroy lots of font information behind the user’s back.

Thanks for trying out Scrivener!
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P.S. Ah, I see Mark has caught that you were changing the notes font. That may be the issue.

Sorry - I mistook it for a global default font. :blush:


PS No undo on delete …! :confused:

That’s in the FAQ as well. :slight_smile:

hmm… I think that does it for me - an undo is needed there. thanks anyway.

In addition to the Scrivener Trash?


How is an “undo” needed here? I don’t understand. Preferences don’t have “undo”…