Default Font weirdness

Scriv 1.11 on Tiger.

I have default font set for Courier Final Draft(Surprising, no?) in notes, Screenplay, index cards. Worked on it yesterday, everything was fine.

Today, I open the file and all my documents are displayed in Times. I go to Prefs, and my default fonts are still set correctly. I reset them, Apply and OK, nothing changes. I delete the prefs, no change.

Is this pilot error? Is there some simple way to change my dozens of documents back to Courier Final Draft?


Yep, pilot error. :slight_smile: See the FAQ under “Changing the default font and style preferences does not update existing files.” The next update makes it clearer that the text attributes preferences are for new documents (the FAQ explains the very good reasoning behind this, and tells you how to change your old documents to the new formatting).

Yesterday, I had dozens of documents displayed in Courier Final Draft.

Today, they are all in Times. All of them. Even the ones in the Trash.

Is there a pilot error that could easily cause this?

Is there an easy way to revert it?


There is certainly no way Scrivener could cause this. There is absolutely no way Scrivener would convert the font of any documents without you telling it to do so. I can guarantee that 100%. Those files are saved as RTFD on disk and that holds their formatting. Scrivener cannot change that of its own accord.

Something like this could happen if you had accidentally disabled Courier New on your system, I suppose; or if you had used Convert Formatting to convert all the documents to Times. But I can’t think of much else.

Either way, this certainly isn’t a Scrivener error. You might want to check that this font is working in other applications, or that you can still use Courier Draft in Scrivener at all.


Thanks for the response. Courier Final Draft is active, installed and working.

I used Edit Scrivenings and Convert Formatting to set them back to Courier Final Draft. If it happens again, I’ll try to provide more clues. Hopefully, it was a one-time mistake on my part.