Default font

Most of my work is done on a Mac, where everything functions as I want. However, I’m testing transferring to my work windows box so I can write on the train to and from work and then back when I get home. However, although I have the standard font for my Mac as Linux Libertine, a free Times variant, and I have the same font on my windows box, when it opens in Windows, it uses Helvetica.

Is there any easy way to set the default font to Linux Libertine on the Windows box, without going through all 35 chapters and changing each one? Otherwise the system isn’t going to work, and I would have to do my writing in the Windows box in, say, LibreOffice, and cut and paste to my Mac original when I get home. That’s ok for new composition, but could be a pita when I get around to the re-writing stage and especially the editing phase.


What you can do is set the font you want as the default preference. Then you can select every document in the binder (expand folders first) and then do Documents > Convert > Convert to Default Style. Be sure to have the first option to only change the font selected. This will change everything, and you can’t roll it back, so be sure to back up first.

I’d like to do the same thing. When you say “set the font you want as the default preference” where does one do that?
And is it the same in the 1.03 release as in the new beta?

Same place as you’ve always set the default editor font: Options > Editor.

thanks, Garpu