Default font...

Enjoying the new app but struggling to find out (looked in the manual) how you change the default font used in the editor. Do I have to change it individually in each document?

I think the answer is that it uses the default on any new document. If I start a new project, or a new document, the font is Palatino; my preferred font is Adobe Garamond Pro, which I’ve imported. I’ve also imported my paragraph presets, so applying those takes care of things.

I have to say, as for me it defaults to Palatino, I don’t mind too much as that looks good on my iPad—I would think otherwise if it was defaulting to Helvetica—and I can easily sort things out on my Mac. I’m going to compile using my Mac anyway.


There’s an article in the knowledge base on how to change default fonts: … -platforms

The article Kinsey posted is about how to import fonts if you want to use fonts that aren’t available on iOS.

If you just want to change the default formatting for new documents on iOS, here’s how (it’s very easy): … ing-on-ios

That’s the one,thanks.

Oops, thanks Keith. I’ve just started the process of importing a font to iOS, using the guidelines in the Using Fonts Across Platforms article. I’ve gotten as far as step 6 (Choose Open In…), but when I tap Open In the only option I’m getting is Add to Notes. Tapping the More icon beside notes brings up an Activities menu, which shows Add to Notes and Messenger (latter disabled), but nothing else. Tapping the More icon below Add to Notes brings up Save to Dropbox (which I have switched off). Is this latter step the problem, or do I need to change something in the device preference pane?

That’s strange. I have a tonne of apps next to “Add to Notes” including Scrivener. Is the font in OTF or TTF format? If it’s a different file type, it’s not supported and Scrivener wouldn’t show up.

Yep, sorry, user error my end. I saved the Font Suitcase (from FontBook) to Dropbox. I’m trying to figure out how to extract the OTF and TFF files from that now …

Sorted now, thanks.

Glad you got it worked out!

Thanks Keith. I had forgotten about that, and I have a feeling that somewhere along the updating line, my default must have got changed.

By the way, I dropped into the Exeter Apple Store yesterday wanting to have a look at Scrivener on their display 12" iPad Pro. Of course it wasn’t on it, and the girl I spoke to said she couldn’t load it, but she said she’d ask the Manager to do so. I’ll go back and check, and if necessary, I’ll try to speak to the manager myself.


I am really struggling with this. Is it true that Courier (an almost universally accepted manuscript font in the U.S.) is not available (as a default) on the iPhone? I can’t get that font to work on my phone, even though it’s set as the default in Scrivener on my Mac.

I guess I have to use Font Book, since that’s the only way to find Courier on my Mac.

This article says “[if you] open a project in Scrivener for iOS that uses a font not available on iOS, the text will default to using Helvetica.” However, I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s happening on my phone. The font that my iPhone is using has serifs, and Helvetica does not. I can’t figure out yet what font Scrivener iOS is defaulting to because I can’t find a way to access fonts in the app.

Can you explain? I’m a Mac user, and I think this is what I need to do, but I have no idea how to do it. I don’t see “suitcase” or “export” in the Font Book application. I don’t think Courier exists as a ttf file; I used FontBook to export it, it’s called “Courier.dfont,” I created a Fonts folder off the default Scrivener folder on Dropbox, but I still can’t get the font to work on my phone.

Even though courier.dfont is technically not otf or ttf format, why does it work just fine in chapter documents that were created on my Mac and I’m now editing on my iPhone?

Courier is the font I so desperately need to work on my iPhone, the only group I need, and it shows up just fine in all documents that were created on my Mac, but any new document or project created on my iPhone refuses to use it, despite making it the default font in the presets on my Mac and then exported the presets and importing them into Scrivener iOS on my phone.

Really need to get this sorted out. I expected tech support won’t answer for another week, so I was hoping to get some help here.

Sorry I can’t be of more help with this, but like you I could not find a method of extracting the ttf files from Font Book, though I only looked for about 5 minutes. What I did was find a free version of the font (Goudy Old Style) and download from there. Not exactly the same version I have on my Mac, but close enough.

By the way, if you have font book open and scroll across to file type when you have the font selected, it will tell you what format it’s in. Some of my fonts are ttf, some are Font Suitcase. That’s where I got that from.

Thank you, KB. This is the solution.