Default footnote text attributes

[Apologies if this is already covered somewhere; I searched the messageboard and the manual, but without luck.]

Is it possible to change the default attributes of (inspector) footnote text in Scrivener for Windows? Default attributes for footnote text apparently exist (font Helvetica, font size 11 etc.), visible when one creates a footnote, but is it possible to change them, and if yes, how?

In Tools > Options in the Appearance tab, under Fonts. Expand the “General” category and select Inspector Footnotes. You can set the font and size to use as the default, after which you can right-click any existing footnotes and choose to convert them to the default style to update their look.

(Edited now that I’ve checked the specifics.)

Many thanks! You’re great :slight_smile:

A follow-up question: can I also set a default paragraph alignment in footnotes different from the default one of the main text?

Oh, and I noticed that in the compiled rtf, the footnote numbers used both in the main text and the footnote text are formatted like the piece of main text after which the footnote is set. Is there a way to change that to a default format, at least for the footnote numbers in the footnote text?