Default format for imported docs


Is there a way to set the default formatting so every doc acquires a set format upon import? Say I want the default scrivener format to be single spaced TNR, then I import a doc with Ariel font, and another that is double spaced, is there a way for them to be converted to the single spaced TNR by scrivener once they are imported?


Not up front, as this would be considered a destructive assumption. However it is easy to do this after you import to a mass of documents at once, on those that require it. Use the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style tool to convert the selected document’s text content to your defaults. That will attempt to clean things up as intelligently as possible. In other words it won’t blow away stuff like italics, or underscored phrases, and gives you the option to selectively ignore certain types of formatting (useful for documents with blockquotes, as you wouldn’t want to lose the indenting).

Perfect! That’s what I needed – I just highlighted all the documents in the binder and they were all converted at the same time. Thanks :smiley: