Default format inspector footnotes

Maybe this is obvious but I don’t get it:
When I make a new inspector footnote, the format is precisely as set in the preferences (I have attached a screenshot), Times New Roman, standard.
However, when I want to convert an existing footnote in “default formatting” it will invariably turn everything into italics. What do I do wrong? (Italics and non-italics are important, because I use a lot of foreign words that need to be in italics).
Thanks in advance!

The settings all appear to be correct. You mention this only happens on existing footnotes, does that mean footnotes you’ve created in Scrivener and subsequently attempted to convert, or footnotes that have been created and imported from another program?

The first thing to check would be the font that these existing footnotes are using. Double-click one that hasn’t been converted yet, and with the cursor blinking in the footnote field, hit Cmd-T to bring up the font palette. What do you see here?


Apologies for my tardy reply! As to your first question: I am not quite sure, to be honest, but I think these are footnotes created in Scrivener (I used to have italics for comments and standard for footnotes, and I thought that might have messed up something, but it is probably not related). They are all using Times New Roman. (puzzled)

No worries, I just wait for responses and then I reply :slight_smile:.

Okay, to put it another way, if you follow this checklist, does it produce the result you describe:

  1. You create a new blank project.
  2. Paste in some sample text with Edit/Paste and Match Style.
  3. Put the cursor in a word and hit Ctrl-Cmd-8 to create a footnote.
  4. Type in a few words. The result now is TNR 12pt regular.
  5. Hit Esc to stop editing.
  6. Right-click on the footnote and select “Convert to Default Formatting”.
  7. Footnote is now rendered in TNR 12pt italic.

Is that what you are experiencing?

Good morning

I followed your steps. I deliberately copied and pasted a chunk of text containing an affected footnote.And all is as at should be. The footnotes are in TNR Standard and they stay like that when I try and format them to default.
I have, however, as I said, found one of the “bad” footnotes: The issue seems to be that they are in Verdana ITALICS (it is such a big long-time project that I really can’t recall why). When I convert it to default, it turns into TNR, correct fontsize, ITALICS. Right below is another one that is in Verdana standard, and it turns into TNR standard.

Ah, okay, that is going to pose a bit of a problem then. See the feature that resets the formatting to default is deliberately programmed to ignore stuff like italics—because as you pointed out at the top, that is a significant piece of information. Thus, if the thing you are trying to do is remove italics, then there is no automatic way of doing so.

That’s probably a good case for not picking a font variant for this default. I might want to make note of that somewhere.

Ah, alright! Thanks for the explanation :smiley: