Default format of editor

Hi, I am new to Scrivener and want to know how I can configure the default font type and size of the editor.
I tried to go to the settings (F12 > Editor) but this does not seem to allow much of any setting changes.

Am I in the right spot? and if so how do I change the Font type for example?

I’m not at Scrivener at the moment to confirm this, but I believe you’re nearly there. :slight_smile:

From the Editor Settings panel, my recollection is you need to press the Blue A in the upper left to get to font settings.

@Mastercore Just a heads up - it is better to post technical questions in the technical support section that is appropriate for your platform (Mac or Windows). You might get answers for the wrong platform.

Found it.

I am using Scrivener on a laptop with win 10. The resolution of the screen means I had to screw around a bit to get Scrivener to appear nice and sharp. The downside is that the dialogues in the SW are now rather small.
I have to put up with this till or unless the devs of Scrivener update it to look more natural on these ultra high res screens.

Many thanks