Default formatting not sticking on new pages between sessions

Just noticed this issue on V2.9.9.8 Beta for Windows: I applied the default formatting to all pages in my novel (segoe UI, 12 pt, double spaced) after I noticed that every time I started a new chapter/page, the formatting was wrong (Calibri, 11pt, single space). After converting/applying the default style, saving, then closing, the style had reverted on subsequent writing sessions. I’m working off two computers, so maybe that was it?

Anyway, I just want to give some big kudos to the dev team. These releases have gotten progressively better and richer every week/month, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to do all my writing in Scrivener. It is, as the kids say these days, dope, and also fresh.

Is the Segoe UI font installed on both computers? And do you have your default formatting set under ‘Project > Project Settings > Formatting’, or did you set your default formatting under ‘File > Options… > Editing > Formatting’?

Do you by chance have “Use different formatting…” checked in Project Settings?

Main Menu -> Project -> Project Settings -> Formatting

That would cause that behavior. Ran into this one myself a time or two.