Default icon files for a Windows user

I want to modify the default icons to create new ones that match their style, but they are not available as standalone files in a Windows installation, and I don’t have access to a Mac I can install Scrivener onto. If someone here could locate their icon files and either email them to me at or upload them in a post, I would be very grateful.


I don’t think anybody is going to do this without being granted permission to do it by the developers, for obvious reasons.

So your best bet is to contact them by email and ask them nicely.

Sorry, can’t help you with my windows version. But what is so special about the default icons? There are thousands of icons out there which look much better I think. And, because of a Scrivener bug, any icons you add in the windows version currently do not get colored according to Label color anyway. So why not make all icons custom and ditch the default ones?

There is a site ( where you can create and download font icons in any color and size as .png. E.g. I like the FontAwesome icons for their clean look and have replaced the default icons in my binder with them:

Or check out For example the big and free icon theme oxygen ( On iconarchive you will easily find identical or even better icons for all of the default icons in all sizes, and colors.

There is a Scrivener template called GANT where MSO has put a great deal of effort into creating a lot of custom icons. Maybe you’ll find some useful things there too ([url]]).

Thank you.

I like the default Scrivener icons a lot and I haven’t found any 3rd-party icons that match their style, so I want to use the default icons to make new icons whenever I want them.