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I have seen someone else say this but wanted to add my voice - i wish there were a way to turn off ‘incude in draft’ as a default. i’m just starting a second draft of my novel & had imported the first draft, split it into scenes etc to refer to as i start round two. i want to use project statistics to tell when how many words i’ve written today on just the new, second draft. in order to only see stats for my new work i had to go and de-tick around 80 docs. the child docs in a folder were still being counted when i de-selected the main folder.
sorry if i’ve just missed something obvious & there is a easy, non-manual way of doing this. i love using scrivener & am grateful for the beta, that’s why i am willing to do things manually. but i just wanted to say that this default doesn’t suit the way i work & i am not looking forward to reworking my other big docs. and i would love a few more options in the project stats, incidentally. a ‘daily word count’ and choice as to which docs this refers to would be ace.

You shouldn’t have to go through and click on every one - you should be able to select the entire folder in the outliner and Alt-click on tickboxes for this to switch them all off instantly. Unfortunately at the moment the outliner is using “true/false” pop-ups which should be changed before release, so this will be made easier soon. So this is just a limitation of the beta, sorry.

EDIT: Actually, there is a way to do it currently, too: Go to the Contents pane of Compile, select the folder with the contents you don’t want included, and Alt-click on an “Include” checkbox to deselect all.

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