Default Interface Language wrong... (German - English)


Let me first state that I’m completely new here and just installed Scrivener. Secondly, let me also state that my case is different from the Japanese-English one elsewhere on this forum. In that case, the person was in Japan, the system interface was also Japanese but English was partially showing up, due to an incomplete translation. At least, that’s what I understood from reading the post.

This case is different, if somewhat a bit unconventional. Let me explain:

I live in Germany, but I rather work in English and Spanish. That means that I have my computer interface in English, although the control panel regional settings are set for Germany (this way I get the right date system and decimal delimiter).

When Scrivener is set to System Language, its interface is in German, which in actuality deviates from my reality. My system’s language is English, not German. It’s only the regional settings that are set for Germany.

In the picture above, you can see the Windows menu, which is part of the default language, shown in English and, in the background, you can see the interface of Scrivener in German. It can even be seen that the SPRACHE (language) is set to Systemsprache, which means System Language in German.

The reason of this post is just to bring it to the attention of the programmers. I have already changed the setting to English and it’s working ok. I do believe that, if it says System Language, it should actually use the system language, even if there are weird configurations like mine.

Hope this helps improve the program. Have a great day.