Default Keyboard Shortcut conflict while editing, + Add New From Template placement

Project: Add New from first template: Ctrl+T, Ctrl+N
Increase text indent: Ctrl+T

But if you have a document open, and you’re in the editor, you cannot get to the “Add New from First Template,” because Ctrl+T increases first line indent, and then Ctrl+N adds a new document.

If you’re in the binder, it works fine.

Is this intended behavior?

Setting the keyboard shortcut to something using an Alt key (I used Ctrl+Alt+N) has the editor simply type when you use the command (I typed an “N” using that command in the editor).
Setting the command to Ctrl+G,Ctrl+Shift+N does work (produces almost the expected behavior), but it introduces another potential issue.

If you use the command while editing, the chapter is added under the current document in the hierarchy, whether you use either the main menu (Project > Add New from Template > Chapter), OR a working shortcut (in my case, Ctrl+G,Ctrl+Shift+N). I doubt this is intended behavior, but it might be.

If you select a folder, though, the new chapter will be added at the same level (as expected) (using the main menu or a shortcut).