Default new document problem

Hi folks! Scrivener keeps giving me a ‘New Scene’ (script format) as my default new subdocument within an existing project, even though the ‘Text’ format is ticked under ‘Default new subdocument’ in the Document menu. I must have somehow accidentally changed it, but I don’t know how that happened. As I’m writing straightforward narrative prose, not a script, this is making me crazy. Any ideas on how I might be able to get Scrivener back to giving me ordinary text format in new docs?

Script mode isn’t a special kind of text file, it is just a writing mode that you can freely toggle on and off. It just impacts how things work while you are typing, meaning you can even switch between script and prose in the same document. So really all you need to do is turn it off for the document. You can do so with Cmd-8 or selecting the top entry in the Format/Scriptwriting/ sub-menu. You’ll need to do this for each text document that has a yellowish icon.

As for how it got stuck this way, there isn’t a setting anywhere, Scrivener just uses whatever you used last, or whatever you currently have selected in the Binder when you make a new text document.