Default "no style" paragraph format

I like for my paragraphs to have a blank line between them. I use the paragraph formatting to do that.

I’ve created a style called “normal text” that does it. Works OK.

I’d like “no style” to do it. I just went to Scrivener / Preferences / Editing /Formatting, and picked up formatting for the default from a “no style” line that I had set line spacing on. The “no style” in THAT document picked it up.

New documents do not have the spacing. However, “Main text formatting for new documents”, in preferences, shows the line spacing.

What do I have to do to get “no style” to have my spacing, or, alternately, to have Scrivener default new text, not to “no style” but to my “normal text” style?

If I can’t do one of those things, I have to format at the beginning of every new document, which seems counter to notions of ease of use.


Check your Project -> Project Settings -> Formatting pane. The project default, if any, overrides the Scrivener-wide default.


Ah. That lets me set new text to “normal text”, which may help. (In fact it does. :smiley: )

But I still don’t understand why my edit to the default text didn’t stick. I just don’t care as much as I did. :smiley:


It used to be there was only the global setting for new default text documents. Now there’s also an optional per-project setting (that should be off by default for new projects). Turning off the project-specific formatting will make new documents use the global setting.

If you edited the Scrivener-wide default, but a project-level default existed, the project-level setting would take precedence. (For example, templates often carry their own formatting.)

You should be able to change the “no style” default at the project level.


Used to be a long time ago. The project-level setting has existed in Scrivener 2 for years; it’s not new to Scrivener 3.


Hm, well, I don’t think I’d ever changed that. Maybe the default default overrides. Anyway with setting new text to my “normal style” I should be good to go. Until the next time I get confused. Thanks!