Default paste behavior

I’d like to have a way to set the default paste behavior so that it is “paste and match style.” I suppose I am glad to have a paste option that retains the original formatting (though I have never personally needed it), but wish it were an option, rather than a default behavior.

In the current setup, every time I ctrl+C & ctrl+v into Scrivener, I have to ctrl+z, and then switch to the menu to select “paste and match style” (that four-part invention of a keyboard shortcut is beyond my abilities). It’s a tiny bother, but those are the bothers that wreak the most havoc on my writing.

You can swap the shortcuts via System Preferences. Go into the Keyboard pane and select Keyboard Shortcuts, then select Application Shortcuts (I think that’s just Snow Leopard and up) and click the “+” to add a new shortcut. Enter Scrivener as the app and type in the menu command just as it’s listed in the program (“Paste” and “Paste and Match Style”) and put in the shortcut. You’ll need add an entry for Paste and another for PaMS so that you don’t have a shortcut conflict, and then you’re good to go.

Thank you! This did the trick. I’m really glad to know about that part of System Preferences, too. Very best!