Default printing in landscape

Having written enough to want to print bits out, I find they keep coming out landscape rather than portrait. These are just short sections so I don’t really want to have to export them as rtf each time. I thought it might be my printer but this only happens with Scrivener. I know I can go for portrait by changing the settings at ‘Page Setup’ but it seems to revert to landscape next time I open up.
I couldn’t find anything in ‘Preferences’ to set portrait as the default - have I missed something?

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I’m afraid that this must be something to do with your own personal set up - printer preferences - as nothing in Scrivener is set to change printer settings to landscape, and it’s always printed portrait for me (and I’ve never heard any other users say that everything comes out landscape). Maybe another user will be able to point you in the right direction (that is, why your printer might behave like this with one app).

Sorry that’s not too helpful!
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The page setup settings are mainly system wide and appear to have a default setting of landscape instead of Portrait. You can check this by going to Safari and look under page setup and see if it defaults to landscape.

Go in Scrivener. Go to Page Setup. Set up a setup you would like the default to be.
i.e. Portrait Letter Size Your Printer Scaling, etc

THEN click the pull Down menu next to Settings and select SAVE AS DEFAULT

It will appear like nothing happens but in the future the “default” will be what you set.

This happens a lot to people as they accidently select SAVE AS DEFAULT when looking at that first pull down menu. Nothing happens but in the future it always defaults to those settings you had picked when you select that menu option.

If that makes any sense?