Default reset itself

I’m trying to write a book review, but Scrivener’s default seems to have reset itself from the standard Optima 13pt upper-and-lower-case to Courier 12pt all caps.

I’ve got rid of the Courier and reset the size, but I can’t see how to stop the all caps setting.

Can anyone help, and has anyone any idea how this happened?

You’re in scriptwriting mode. Turn it off via Text > Scriptwriting.

Ah, perfect, thanks.

It also seems to have got rid of the handy little word and character count at the bottom of the screen - how do I get that back?

Please see my previous reply. :slight_smile:

Eee. I’ve turned off Scriptwriting, but don’t have a wordcount.

And while I’ve turned it off, when I click on the menu arrow on bottom right, it’s offering me Scene Heading, Action, Character, etc.

In fact, for some reason this entire project now has what looks like a scriptwriting template (not what it started as, which was my general template for article-writing); the icons along the bottom, which are all there in other projects, are missing in this project.

Yes, that’s scriptwriting mode. You’ll need to turn it off for each document created while it was on, as it is remembered per-document and when it is on, new documents created will have it switched on by default. So, to reiterate: turn it off for each document that has that at the bottom.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

But Keith, I have turned it off for this particular document. It’s still not showing the word counts.

And this whole project seems to have, weirdly, acquired it in any case.

If the word counts aren’t there, you are in script mode. That footer bar showing the “Scene Heading” etc is the sole indicator that you are, indeed, in scriptwriting mode. Go to Text > Scriptwriting and you will see a tick against “Script Mode”. Select “Script Mode” again to turn it off. And, as I have said, you will need to do this for every document in this particular project that has the footer bar indicating script mode. Turning it off once only turns it off for a single document in the project.

Ok, that worked - thanks, Keith.