Default Scrivener folder

Probably a silly question but when I save a project, it saves its to my documents folder.
Is there any way that I can define where to save a project as a default location, other than documents, e.g. a Scrivener sub-folder or a Dropbox folder?

I have looked in the preferences section but cannot find any way to achieve this.


When you first create a project, you are asked where you want to save it:

When that panel comes up, it defaults to the ~/Documents folder, but will only save there if you click on “Create” without choosing a different location first.

After a project is created, you can move it in the usual ways, of course, via the Finder (just make sure you move it while the project is closed).

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Keith, thats a great help.

By the way, is there a way to use the full size of my 20 inch screen? Scrivener will not fill the entire screen as some other S/W packages do.


It should do - if you are just clicking on the green traffic light (“zoom”), that will make Scrivener fit the optimum dimensions of the editor (as set up in preferences), but if you hold Option down while clicking on it, or if you use Window > Zoom to Fit Screen, then it will resize to fit the whole screen. Lion’s full screen mode is superb for this, too - I’m assuming you’re not running on Lion, though?

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Thanks again Keith,

Works a treat. I must get round to reading the manual. :smiley: