Default 'search in' mode

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I couldn’t find it.

At one point some time ago I used the search function to search by label. All good. However, now the search box defaults to searching by label every time. I change it to ‘all’ and do my search, but then the next time I do a search it has changed back to ‘label’ again.

How can I force it to use ‘All’ as the default?

Further to the above, I have identified what is happening. I am switching between the binder and a number of collections, the collections being saved searches based on labels. So when I go to a collection, the search box switches to ‘search by label’.

Ideally, I’d like the search box to switch back to ‘all’ when I go back to the binder. I don’t know if that is possible.

Yeah, it’s not possible, that is just the way it works. Clicking on a saved search collection actually runs that that search again as if you had typed it all out and set up the options again, and once you’ve done that it has no recollection of what you were doing before. So I suppose what you could do is have an “All” tab that resets the search preferences the way you want. :slight_smile: Of course, the “Search Results” collection tab itself contains the parameters of the last search you manually ran, so it may be well enough to click on that.

Fair enough. Thanks Ioa.