default search operator?

Maybe I’m missing it, but I wish there was a way to change the default search operator.

I almost always want to search by “all words” rather than exact phrase. I wish I could set it to start that way.

Nice work all around,

As with most other project-level preferences, you can set up things to work how you want from the start by creating your own derivative project template. Searching options are saved into the project, and meanwhile you could set up any other things you tend to prefer, like label tinting and corkboard view preferences, into this template as well.

I’d thought this was the case and was going to suggest the personalized template, but on testing this it doesn’t seem that the parameters are saved. If you open a project, switch the search from Exact Phrase to All Words and then close, when you reopen the search is back to Exact Phrase. Saving as a template likewise doesn’t work. Is this something that changed? I feel like it used to save, but I don’t see why it would have changed so I must be dreaming…

No, this has never saved.

Well hmph. I must be hallucinating again.

I have added it to my list though - I plan to save whatever you choose in the user defaults so that the last search settings are remembered between sessions and for new projects.

Sounds good! I realised my assumption came from how these values are saved when a search has been performed and not completely dismissed. Since searches are persistent, the variables of the search are saved as well between sessions. But I see now if the search is dismissed everything resets on reload.

So, that’s why it feels like it has always saved, I think. It does, if you switch back the Binder without resetting the search, which is how I tend to work.

You and me both.

Thanks, Keith.