Default status for new documents...

I can’t find the answer in help files or forum, please forgive if this is obvious: every time I create a new document in my current project, the status is set to “done”. This is a drag, as I am currently working on notecards, and about to create 50 new documents all at once. Is there a way to set the default status for new documents? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yup! You can either edit meta-data settings from the Status dropdown menus themselves, or from the Project/Meta-Data Settings... menu command. Click on the Status tab if necessary, and select the status you would like to be default (you can choose the No Status one as well). Now click the “Make Default” button in the bottom-right. The selected status should now be bold.

Incidentally you can fix all of the incorrect documents you created in bulk. Just select them all in the binder, outliner, or corkboard, right-click on them, and use the contextual menu to set the status as you wish.

This board is one of the MANY things that I absolutely love about this program. Where else can you post a question and know that you will get a cheerful solution before the sunrise? THANK you. I am fixed. :slight_smile: