Default Style and Other Newbie Questions

Yes, I do think this is quite a bit more simple than you’ve made it! I’ve merged this into a thread that discusses how to adjust default formatting, which is really more the term you are looking for I think, rather than using templates. Using document templates to adjust default formatting is a possibility, but it’s inefficient given the software actually has features for changing the default formatting in its settings (both globally and optionally for each project). And of course if this is a project-specific preference, you could then make your project template with the settings saved into it.

Scroll up to the previous message of mine for a link to where there is a simple answer to what you’re trying to do.

As I mentioned above, it is certainly possible to use Document Template to change formatting, however that technique is best employed for exceptions to the defaults—such as the scenario I describe in that post. It doesn’t sound like that is anything close to what you actually want, but I figured it worth mention of a case where it does make sense to use this feature to set exceptional default formatting.