Default Style for new text--NOT default formatting


I use styles extensively in my work. I’ve got my “body” style carefully set up how I like it, and that includes what style I get when I end a paragraph and start a new one. This works excellently.

I need to know how to set the default style for my document, and frankly for the whole application. please note, and this is really key, I do not mean default formatting. When I set that up correctly, it appears correctly but the style is “No Style”. I want that to be “body” instead.

I’ve found a TON of posts, articles and other web content that describes how to set the default formatting and that’s not what I need at all.


Scrivener does not work this way.

It’s possible – define the formatting you like, assign a style to it, and apply that style everywhere – but it’s a bad idea and will make your life extremely difficult when you start using the Compile command to create your output documents. See Section 15.6 in the Mac Scrivener 3 manual for a detailed discussion of how styles work in Scrivener.