Default view mode: can it be reset?

I like working in the “corkboard” view mode but every time I click on a new item in the binder, its default mode reverts to “document.” So, if I want to view this new item in corkboard I have to select it yet again.

Is there a way to set the default mode to corkboard or outliner INSTEAD of document? This would save time and be less disorienting.

The user manual states:

First, this hasn’t been working - corkboard is never the default, and second, why not extend to binder items too?

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You need to read about layouts in the manual. You can save just about any configuration of Inspector, Binder, Editor window split, etc. and call it up again by clicking on the Layout icon. You can give the layouts appropriate names (Outlining, Composing, Organising, whatever you like).


The last view mode selected is only used for folders - text documents always open in the editor. So you should create groups rather than text documents in this situation, it seems to me.