Default view mode

There’s something I don’t understand re: the default view mode and split editors. I know this is explained in the user guide, but it’s not coming together for me.

There is some sequence of view mode changes that will set the default view mode for multiple selections. But I’m not clear on whether that default setting attaches to the viewer, or to a particular multiple selection, and if it matters whether the multi is a folder, a document, or a non-contiguous multi selection, or if there is some other variable that calls the shots.

Nor is it clear what, in the absence of an explicit change from Document to Corkboard mode, is resetting the default view for new splits to the corkboard. Is corkboard hard wired as a default such that you can switch out of it, but that it gets reset following…what, exactly? (I am definitely not manually switching to CB.)

What I’m experiencing is, when I’m working on a multi selection in Document view in a single editor, and then create a split, it opens in Corkboard view nearly every time. If there’s fixed pattern to the exceptions, I’m not seeing it.

What I’d like is to open a split from an editor in Document view, and have it display not only the same content as the single, but to do so in the same View mode.


The view mode is per editor, not per document. Each split remembers the last used group view mode in that split, so they may not be the same.

You set the group view mode for the editor when viewing a folder or a multiple selection. If “Treat all documents with children as folders” is enabled in the Navigation options, changing the group view mode when viewing a document group will also set the new default group view. The reverse side of that is that folders and multiple selections will load using the default group view mode for the editor. Single documents always load in text view. Document groups likewise, unless they’re set to be treated as folders.

So as an example, if you load folder A in the left editor and folder B in the right, you can set the left to corkboard and the right to outliner. If you then load Doc Group C in the left editor, it will open in text mode. If you switch it to Scrivenings, that’s temporary–when you next load a folder, it will use the corkboard, and when you next load Doc Group C it will again open in the single text view. If you load folder A on the right editor, it will open in the outliner.

The corkboard is the default group view mode in new projects, but otherwise “default” is always just “last used mode” for the given editor.