Default view

Is it possible to change the default view?

I always (or almost always) use Scrivener with the view at 150%, and the program taking up virtually all of the screen of my Macbook.

But when I open it, it always opens a new document at about 6" wide and the rather tiny 100% view. I’d much prefer to see new documents in the format that’s comfortable for me. But how?

You could set your default text settings to use a larger size typeface, so that you don’t need to magnify the screen to work. (These apply to newly created documents; if you don’t have other formatting in your documents that you need to keep, you can set the settings then apply the default formatting to your existing documents.) You will find more detailed instructions to do this in the help file in Scrivener.

Remember that the final (compiled) version can have entirely different display/colour/typeface settings from what you’re working with!