Default zoom factor?

It would be great if the default zoom factor could be set in the preferences, for both full screen and normal view.

The zoom you use depends on the most comfortable to read letter size. It varies with each user and different display solutions etc., but seldom with projects.

As a new user of Scrivener I started to import lots of stuff into it and everytime I open a new project I get a 100% view, but I prefer 200%. And this does not only happen with new projects but also when I split the screen the new screen will always have 100% zoom.

I’d like this, too. It’s a small pain to have to keep changing the zoom %, but a pain nonetheless.

Somewhat of a tangent, but remember that in Scrivener, the font you use to type in is not necessarily the font that will be exported. So if you always want to type in a larger font; you should feel free to set the default font size up a few notches.

I keep saying this, but Save As Template is your friend. :slight_smile:

Scrivener has a gazillion preferences; I doubt you’ll find “default zoom factor” as a preference in many applications - it really isn’t the sort of thing that belong in preferences. And actually, it might well be project-based - you might use different fonts in your display for whatever reason…

But, like I say, Save As Template is your friend. Just create a new, blank project. Set up the labels and status items the way you like them for new projects. Set up the full screen view settings (including scale) the way you like them. Set up the editor zoom the way you like it. Resize the window to what you want for new projects. Then go to File > Save As Template and save as something like “My Empty Project”.

Then, whenever you create a new project, instead of selecting “Empty Project” from the list, select “My Empty Project”. Voila - zoom settings and everything else exactly as you like them.

But thanks for bring this up; I need to add a “Tips & Tricks” section to the Help file, and I’ll include this, as it does come up from time to time.

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This is exactly what I do. I have a similar issue, in that my screen is nearly three feet away from my eyes, and so I normally have ms documents (with a standard font size of 12pt) set up to 125% or more. But in Scriv, I just make the default screen font 14-16pt - while keeping the export font at 12pt - and voila. No more leaning forward to read what I’m typing, and it’s project-wide.