Defaults for quick reference pane

Is there any way to set the defaults for opening quick reference panels to include the zoom level and the way footnotes and comments are displayed? It is a very tiny niggle, but when I open a new document in a QR pane, which I do routinely, as I like editing on a portrait mode monitor whilst having Bookends on my main widescreen monitor, the first thing I have to do is to hit Cmnd-> three or four times so the text is big enough to read. Then the first time I create an inspector footnote, it opens in a popup, which I have to close, and double click on the footnote, to bring up the footnotes and comments pane at the bottom. Why do I care? Because if the footnote is in the panel at the bottom, Cmnd-Y, Cmnd-Y takes me into Bookends and brings me back with the reference I want (brilliant integration, assuming I have minimized the main Scrivener window!), but this does not work with the footnote in a popup.

The second time I open a document in a QR pane, of course, it’s all set up perfectly.

The default zoom level in general is set up in the Editing: Options preference tab, at the very top of that pane. You would need to reload the project to impact previously opened Quick Reference panels.

As for the other matter, the system is deliberately designed to give you control over each Quick Reference panel individually, as some documents might benefit from footnotes while others do not (like a todo list). If they all used the same settings then the problem would only be moved around, rather than solved. Instead of setting a document up to work a certain way, every document would use the same settings and you’d have to set things up every time you switched types of documents. That probably wouldn’t overall be an improvement.