Definitely a Newbie!

New to writing…Stumbled across Scrivener and Avenir…I am so confused. Could someone give me some advice. I’m writing a metaphysical book involving one central character reviewing his mutliple lives in different time periods and realities with his “guide”. I have an iMac…iListen software(speech recognition) that I am considering using. Does either/both software support speech recognition? Any comments.

I suggest you have a look at this thread, and there are many others in the Zen section, as well as Tips and Tricks. If you are looking for general writing tips beyond Scrivener application, try the Writer’s Block section.

Search for “Scrivener” on the Avenir forum. A user named George the Flea has written some comparative analysis of the the two programs.

It’s not really relevant anymore, since he was comparing a beta release from 6 months ago

He doesn’t say which version he’s using. The date of his post is 16 Mar 07.