Definition of New Headings?

Is it possible to define new headings, as can be done in LaTeX? Here’s the issue:

I am revising a long document. On a first pass it seemed that the document had the following structure:

Title, Chapters, Paragraphs. (or headings #1,#2,#3.)

So far, so good.

About a hundred paragraphs in, the author (in this case a government agency) decided to use an additional header between Chapter and Paragraph, which we’ll call a “Section.” The 300 page book only has four or so of these.

Typographically, I could define them as either paragraphs or chapters, but then, in the ToC they will be placed there they don’t belong.

In LaTeX I could define a new class ('section") on the fly, and that new class can easily be added to the ToC without disturbing paragraphs or chapters. Something along the lines of #heading 2.5.

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts as to how I can address this.

In Scrivener, this would be accomplished by creating a new Section Type and assigning it to the relevant documents. You can then use an appropriate Section Layout to assign whatever LaTeX (or other) markup you want.


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